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Boysenberry “Cobbler”

Yesterday I walked to the local farmers market, and brought my own bags and a wad of cash.  I’m a walking cliché (literally).  But besides all that, farmers markets are awesome, and if you’re not going then you should.  They are a great way to fill that empty chunk of time that exists between meals.  Speaking of filling… another reason why you should go to farmers markets are the SAMPLES.  I’m pretty sure you can consume your required weeks worth of fruit servings during a single trip to the farmers market.  Plus, it’s outside so maybe you’ll get a little vitamin D boost as well.  After the market… well you’re already out, so why not make a day of it?  Go to the beach, or just drive somewhere WHO KNOWS

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Blackberry Pie

Oh yeah.  That’s right.  It’s pie time.

I have a bone to pick with the fussy confectionary fads of today’s society.  First, it was cupcakes.  Then came cakepops, followed shortly by macarons, and now maybe it’s putting bacon in everything dessert-related.  Don’t get me wrong, prissy pâtisseries are all fine and dandy, and I love a good hip café on occasion, but sometimes a girl just needs a good ole’ slice of pie.

There is a pie shortage in America, people.  And I would know.  I spent my college years searching for a place where I could get a simple slice of pie.  A place where the coffee is decent, the people are friendly, and “maple bacon cupcakes” are unheard of.  You know what I found?  Diddly-squat.  Yeah sure, I found some places with decent coffee and friendly people, and yes, some of those places even served pie… if you could call it that.  When I say pie, I mean a handmade crust that crisp, flaky, and tender all at the same time.  I mean a fruit filling that doesn’t need too much sugar and that isn’t half goo, because a good fruit pie is all about letting the fruit speak for itself.

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